LA 01 – The Journey Here

My name is Ane Frederikke Bye and I am 41 years old. I was born and grew up in Oslo, but now I live in Kongsberg with my husband and our four children (girl 16 years, boy 12 years, boy 4 years and girl 1year), working full-time as a consultant at the Section for Culture and Vitality in Øvre Eiker municipality.



In my spare time I love being active outdoors with family and friends and I prefer to go snowboarding, sailing, surfing, hiking etc. Some of my other interests are travelling, interior, people, genealogy and trends.


Schooling and work-experience

I have studied marketing for four years at BI (1996-2000) and 18 years work experience, as project manager in advertising agencies, web- and marketing coordinator and consultant, has given me lots of interesting experience. 16 years ago I had a job where I had to create graphic materials witch led me to my first creative course with QuarkXpress. Ever since I have either been working close with professional Graphic Designers or been creating materials myself, basically with Adobe InDesign. Photography has always interested me and I have a one-semester evening course from Folkeuniversitetet in Oslo.



For a long time I have been considering to professionalize my creative interest for graphic design. I’ve always loved to take photos, find interesting objects and different angles. My drawing abilities are not exceptional, but I’m willing to learn and work hard to develop my skills.

I recently finished my maternity leave and as a full-time working mother of four the possibility to study part time, online was essential for me. I was not familiar with Noroff so I started questioning around and when an acquaintance recommended online studies at Noroff and this path strongly, I knew what I had to do.



Looking forward to boost the knowledge box, being inspired and challenged. Who knows, maybe one day I can fulfill my dream and work as a graphic designer.

In this blog I will regularly be posting my weekly Learning Activities, document my thoughts and ideas during my time as a Graphic Design student.

Thanks for dropping by – hope to see you again soon!


Best regards
– Ane


Selfportrait – me snowboarding

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