MA 00 – Work Methods


This Report is a part of the Mandatory Assignment 00 – Work Methods (MA00 – Work Methods) in Module Graphic Design 1 FM1GD1131 on Noroff School of technology and digital media.


1.1       Interpretation of the task

Writing a report summarising this week’s work, reflecting on the knowledge I’ve gained, will give me an overview of my progression so I can learn from my experiences. What have I done well and what do I have to improve? These are questions to ask myself in order to achieve the best possible learning situation and routines.

Frontpage report

I was a bit confused whether the creative Moodle Map report was considered as a part of the Mandatory Report Working Methods, or if the Work Methods Report was a report by itself. I’ve already written a report about the Moodle Map as a test-report from the creative process and published it on my Reflective Journal. Therefore, I understand the task for this report in the Mandatory Assignment 00 – Work Methods is to concentrate on my work- and learning process in Academic Week 1.

Another part of the Mandatory assignment is to provide a link to My Reflected Journal and a list of my fellow students; to be found in the further reading.

1.2       Concept
The report will follow my progression as it has been in real life to lead the reader through a realistic path with me this first academic week, sharing thoughts and ideas underway.



2.1       Being a student again
It took me a couple of years considering whether to start studying Graphic Design. As a full-time working woman, wife and mother of two (+two) – being a student 18 years ago – I knew attending Noroff would affect my spare time a lot. Once the decision was made, I was eagerly looking forward to get started and this first week has been exactly I expected; hard work and great fun.

Since I have no time to waste, it’s been quite hectic and the understanding of priorities has reached a new level. I have invested a lot of time in all the tasks, Learning Activities and Mandatory Assignment so I know how to deal with practicalities. This will be an advantage when we start working with the different disciplines, because then I’ll need time to focus on the subject we’re working on.

IMG_1039As I’m sometimes studying at home and sometimes at the office using different stationary machines, I need to find a good routine on how to save documents and utilities. These weeks, everything has felt a bit chaotic and I believe the best way to store things, is on an external hard disk I can bring along, backing it all up at home.

I have not had enough time to attend the Forum answering questions from my fellow students, but I’ve read most of the threads with questions and answers. If I’d posted a question in the Forum regarding the tasks, not receiving any answers I would’ve been quite frustrated. As this is our Online Campus I therefore take note that I need to attend more in the forum.

Time management is essential being a part time online student. I started once we received access and I’ve been working a little bit every day – naturally some days more than others. I’ve used every single moment to study and my experience is that I could not have invested less time in this introduction week to complete the tasks in time. It feels bad not having enough time with my children (almost not any at all), so I need to find the optimal and most effective working method. It’s not an opportunity to continue like this for the next years. Hence, once we receive New access on Mondays, I will set a progression plan for the next two weeks.

As it’s been a while since I was a student, not practicing my English enough, it feels unusual to read, think and write everything in English. That being said, after this first Academic week (two weeks as an online student), I already feel I’m getting the hang of it. As long as I now manage to convey my messages, my language will improve along the studies.

During my years with work, I’ve gained basic knowledge with file formats, but I’m looking forward to learn more, especially picture formats (jpg, png, eps, etc), what to use when and for what. I’m also looking forward to learn more about solutions and compressions and setting up pdf files for different medias as print and screens.

All in all, I’m happy I decided to attend this study, it feels good being a student again and I’m looking forward to the continuation!

2.2       Learning Activities
Once I received the e-mail and eagerly logged on to Noroff’s learning platform Moodle, I started exploring all the information and what I found where. I created my own Moodle profile with a picture and wrote some words about myself and continued exploring. Found the task in the forum for group “18 Aug full and part” to Present ourselves as a student in the forum and so I did. This was a great way learning to know my fellow students. Then I found some Learning activities in the structure and thought it was a bit difficult to understand the system. After a while, I found the “pop-up” picture with the complete overview of the weekly plan for the introduction week for Graphic Design 1. Starting backwards was a bit confusing, but then I found I had already done two of the Learning Activities and gotten to know Moodle pretty good already.

my_reflective_journal.jpgNext, I understood it was smart to begin with the blog – My Reflected Journal. I have some experience with websites, mainly contents (text, pictures and documents), but I had no experience with blogging nor WordPress. I did some research on other and earlier students’ sites, to find the structure I wanted on my blog. Then I tested different themes in WordPress to get the result I pictured in my head. I find WordPress a good and intuitive tool to work with except from some hiccups in the start when I tried to publish, maybe caused by my choice of Browser (Google Chrome). The result is a blog almost like I pictured, but I still want to do some changes and learn more about the opportunities in the setting and structure of my blog. For example, on the Main page, just show the three newest posts and have a button “Blog” leading to older posts/ the archive. As I’m planning my week, I also need to think about constantly documentation and the pictures, sketches and illustrations I need for both my blog and the reports. It’ great to have a blog to collect all my works, thoughts and ideas during the study of Graphic Design, so I can go back and easily follow my own progression, and follow fellow students’ progressions.

To my first blog-post in My Reflective Journal by Ane Frederikke ByeThe Journey Here” I should make and include a self-portrait – daring to be creative, not using photos. As I have not been drawing since I was a kid, all the sketches ended in the trash bin and I decided to make the portrait in InDesign. Even though I just have limited experience using the software, I was more comfortable using that than drawing. I did not want to use too much time on the portrait as I had other Assignments to perform, but next time I will try to challenge myself a bit more, stepping out of the comfort zone.

Moodle_Map_Ane_F_ByeThe Learning Activity creating a Moodle Map challenged me on exactly this, taking me out of the comfort zone. It was a great assignment, getting comfortable navigating around our Online Campus.

I put a lot of time and effort in this test assignment, so please read more about the process in my blogpost Moodle Map in My Reflected Journal. After solving this task, I’m happy I dared to be creative, allowing me to draw with pencils trying to convey my ideas. This will now be less frightening nest time. I also go to know our Online Campus pretty well. After I finished my Moodle Map, I saw the redesign and I love it. Made it looks much more modern – I find it necessary for Noroff’s positioning to appear updated so this really pleased me.

2.4       Mandatory Assignment
The assignment consists of several points:

  • The Moodle Map (jpg)
  • Report summarising this week’s work:
    • Reflect on the knowledge I’ve gained
    • A link to My Reflected Journal WordPress blog
    • A list of my fellow students
  • Gaining insight in the work schedule – list of dates
  • Attendance on the Forum

This mandatory Assignment has given me a chance to reflect on all the knowledge I’ve gained these first two weeks. I believe the learning curve has been quite steep, and it’s also a good exercise writing a report again, forcing me to think through every step of my working methods gaining self-knowledge being critical to my own process.

Once I started working with this assignment, The Moodle Map with a report published on the Blog was already done.

Another part of the Mandatory Assignment, was to gain insight into the work schedule for my group; GRA1 18 Aug Part, list the dates for the handouts and deadlines of all the Mandatory Assignments, Project Exam and the Portfolio and publish the list on to My Reflected Journal. As I find this information essential to my progress and an important tool, I chose to publish it both as a post and as a page on my blog; Work Schedule – list of dates for handouts, Mandatory Assignments, Project Exam and Portfolio.

As mentioned earlier, I’ve had lack of time attending on the Forum, but I’ve done my best to scan the threads and new messages, but mainly they’ve all been answered before I’ve read them. Some of the threads have been giving me answers I’ve had myself.

The last thing I had to do with this Mandatory Assignment, was to write the report, summarising this week’s work, add a link to My Reflected Journal and a list of my fellow students.

This Mandatory Assignment is putting the first weeks work all together. It’s been interesting to reflect on all the knowledge I’ve suddenly gained, giving me the tools to start studying the subjects.

I would love to set up this Mandatory Assignment in InDesign, but with the time I’ve invested in solving the Activities and Assignment, I’ve had to prioritise time and then word is more efficient for me at the moment. For our next assignment I will use InDesign if we can and I will dedicate time before submission to do so.

I’m pleased we get to test and achieve experience on how to submit the Mandatory Assignments with all the different documents in Moodle the first time.



My blog will be found here;



The list of my fellow students (18 Aug Part), was found on the Forum here:
Home -> Mine kurs -> GRA1 -> Forum -> Class list -> 18 Aug Full and Part

As it’s still possible to attend our student group, this list might change during the next weeks, so we might get more fellow students in our Part Time class.

Part time
Andreas Kokkvold
Ane Frederikke Bye
Ann-Elisabeth Sivertsen Orud
Caroline Andreassen
Erlend Draugsvoll
Ero Petter Berg
Frida Hande Orlien
Kenneth Larsen
Magnus Wannebo
Marit Stockman
Meriam Alice Eriksen
Mona Tryti Lansiquot
Renate Holtet
Rosaria Hiberg
Sigurd Nymoen Søberg
Silje Hatland



Frontpage report


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