LA 01 – Moodle Map

Moodle is our online campus at Noroff. In order to gain a complete understanding of the system and make the most out of this resource, we have to know the infrastructure. We were given the task to use pencil and paper, daring to be creative and draw a map of the different areas and elements within … Mer LA 01 – Moodle Map

LA 01 – Work Schedule

Part of Mandatory Assignment 00 – Work Methods is to gain insight into the work schedule for my group (18 Aug part) and create a list for all the handouts and deadlines of all the Mandatory Assignments, Project, Exams and Portfolio. 1. Semester Handout Deadline Mandatory Assignment 00 – Work Methods 14.08.2018 27.08.2018 Mandatory Assignment … Mer LA 01 – Work Schedule